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College Puzzle Challenge is an annual puzzle-solving contest held simultaneously on college campuses across North America. Teams compete by racing to solve puzzles with prizes awarded to the fastest teams at each school.


This year, College Puzzle Challenge will be held at universities across the United States. Read the rules for participating schools and locations.


This year, College Puzzle Challenge will be held on Saturday, April 14, 2018. The event runs for several uninterrupted hours and starts at all locations at the same time. The event starts at and ends at . Participants at Berkeley and Stanford should arrive one hour early to allow enough time to check in. Participants at the remaining locations should arrive 45 minutes early. See the FAQ for more information.


College Puzzle Challenge is designed for computer engineering, computer science and mathematics students, but it is open to any undergraduate or graduate student attending one of the participating universities. College Puzzle Challenge is funded by Microsoft's College Recruiting department, but the event is not organized by recruiters. It is organized by Microsoft employees, many of whom are alumni of the participating schools.


Because it's fun! College Puzzle Challenge is an exciting and challenging way to exercise your skills in computer science, mathematics, linguistics, problem-solving and a host of other disciplines. Solving a challenging puzzle based on obscure clues is surprisingly satisfying and is great preparation for facing other problems in education and in industry.

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