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Out in front with MilesAhead

Here at CPC Air, we value your business and your loyalty like no other. To show our gratitude, we've crafted the industry's most rewarding rewards program: MilesAhead. Here's what makes it soar above the rest:

You're already a member

Just by registering your team with CPC Air, you're automatically enrolled in MilesAhead. You'll start earning right away. You can check your current level here or with the status indicator next to your name.

Our metals are way more precious

Unlike most airline loyalty programs, we don't limit you to a handful of status levels. Our program flies right on past Silver and Gold to soar to more exclusive tiers, all the way up to Unobtainium (but only if you rise to the challenge).1

Why fly when you can solve?

Your miles balance will climb with each solve - even if you haven't left the ground. With CPC Air you earn miles for helping us solve the keys to a successful airline. Get rewarded without having to actually go anywhere! There are three ways to earn:

Base miles 

You'll earn at least 10,000 miles for every puzzle you solve. One puzzle, the Meta, is worth 100,000 miles, but we won't tell you which.

Bonus miles for speed2

You'll earn a bonus based on how quickly you solved each puzzle compared to other teams.

Bonus miles for status3

As you climb the ranks toward Unobtainium, you'll earn a very generous bonus with each solve based on your status.

The sky's the limit to what you can earn4

Your miles earn your access to great perks. Top-earning teams are eligible for prizes - like an Xbox One for each team member or gift cards. See all the possibilities.

1 While Unobtainium may seem like the ultimate prize, it's not the Meta-Puzzle. The Meta-Puzle is definitely attainable.5
2, 3 Bonus miles do not apply to Pre-Event puzzles or the Meta-Puzzle. See the full program terms.
4 It's just an expression; please don't throw your prize into the air.
5 Don't believe us? Like most airline loyalty programs, this one's a bit of a letdown. At the end of the day, it's just good for a card with a cool name on it.


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