Ready for Departure

This page is archived from the 2015 College Puzzle Challenge.

Here is a list of our flights scheduled to depart before noon. We are still working out the details for some of the flights, so please keep an eye open for updates to the table throughout the day.

During this puzzle's event, 27 solves were needed to reveal the maximum number of flights below.
You can use this slider to re-render the puzzle for a specific number of solves: (27 solves)

Passengers will be asked to dash over to their boarding gates as soon as they can. The time allotted between the departure of a flight at a gate and the boarding of the next flight at the same gate is tight, thus each flight must depart the gate on the dot so that the next flight can start its boarding procedure on time.

AirlineFlight No.DestinationBoarding TimeDeparture TimeGate
CPC Air753Chicago - O'Hare08:0108:2617
CPC Air16Frankfurt08:0208:2716
CPC Air631Phoenix08:0908:3412
CPC Air754Indianapolis08:1409:0920
CPC Air807Denver08:3509:008
CPC Air856Raleigh/Durham08:3809:3314
CPC Air25Seoul - Incheon08:5309:181
CPC Air301Washington - Dulles08:5509:509
CPC Air29Singapore08:5609:5117
CPC Air41Paris - Charles de Gaulle08:5709:2216
CPC Air312San Jose09:0209:574
CPC Air8Taipei09:0409:2912
CPC Air941Houston - Bush09:1110:0619
CPC Air62Ulaanbaatar09:1310:086
CPC Air39Hong Kong09:3009:558
CPC Air796San Francisco09:3309:583
CPC Air657Detroit09:3409:592
CPC Air766Anchorage09:3710:027
CPC Air579Boston09:3910:3420
CPC Air814Idaho Falls09:4810:431
CPC Air24Reykjavik09:5210:4716
CPC Air197Dallas/Fort Worth09:5910:2412
CPC Air186Las Vegas10:0110:2611
CPC Air5Sydney10:0310:2814
CPC Air32Istanbul - Ataturk10:1410:3913
CPC Air380New York - JFK10:2110:4617
CPC Air825Atlanta10:2510:508
CPC Air27Beijing10:2710:524
CPC Air96Edmonton10:2811:233
CPC Air11London - Heathrow10:3611:0119
CPC Air846Nashville10:3811:036
CPC Air651Miami10:5411:4912
CPC Air15Auckland11:0411:5920
CPC Air273Philadelphia11:1311:381
CPC Air918Albuquerque11:1611:4117
CPC Air19Tokyo - Narita11:1711:4216
CPC Air948Minneapolis/St. Paul11:2211:474
CPC Air504El Paso11:3311:586

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