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1!000University of California at Los Angeles
2!MacroHard000University of Washington
3030101 030100000University of Texas at Austin
40xBU000Boston University
50xC0DE000Carnegie Mellon University
62 plus 2 equals free 4 evr000Cornell University
72333000Carnegie Mellon University
8404 Not Found000Tufts University
9493112212020000Harvard University
10504 Trash Dump000Northeastern University
11A New Hope000Carnegie Mellon University
12A2F000University of Washington
13A4h30minBusRide000Northeastern University
14aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa000Brown University
15AASPP000University of Washington
16Absolute Stereochemistry000University of California at Berkeley
17Abusement Park000Georgia Institute of Technology
18ADV18000California Institute of Technology
19AfricaFixIt000University of Washington
20Ah Hey000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
21Ah lol I dunno000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
22Air Hogs000Cornell University
23All Star But Every Word Is A Puzzle000University of Texas at Austin
24Alondranauts000Stanford University
25Alpha Wolf Squadron000Carnegie Mellon University
26AlphaPuzzle000Carnegie Mellon University
27Alternative Facts000University of Michigan
28AlysnBob000Cornell University
29American Chopsticks000University of California at Los Angeles
30American Wallace000University of Michigan
31AngusFaceNoSpace000Rochester Institute of Technology
32Asad000Boston College
33ASCII000Rochester Institute of Technology
34avocadOS000University of Illinois
35B1GCHAMPS000University of Michigan
36Baby Otters000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
37Backdoor Access000University of Washington
38Bae's Rule000Cornell University
39Baes' Theorem000Carnegie Mellon University
40bakedPears000University of Illinois
41Ball Out000Cornell University
42bananarchy000Stanford University
43Basal Gang000University of California at Berkeley
44BAYLIFE000University of California at Berkeley
45Beautiful and Dangerous000University of Washington
46Belltower000University of Illinois
47BEW29000California Institute of Technology
48BigBug000Carnegie Mellon University
49BigZAndFriends000University of Texas at Austin
50bin bin bin000Brown University
51Bing it000Harvey Mudd College
52Birds000University of Waterloo (co-ops in Seattle)
53BIRL!000Georgia Institute of Technology
54Birth and Harmony000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
55Bits Love Sosa000University of Texas at Austin
56Black Fedora Group000University of California at Berkeley
57Blossom Time!000University of Massachusetts Amherst
58Blue's Clues000California Institute of Technology
59Boba Tea000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
60BOBA! PUZZLES! BOBA!000University of Waterloo (co-ops in Seattle)
61Bounce000Carnegie Mellon University
62bowlingball000University of Illinois
63Brannimators000Stanford University
64Breadth of the Wild000University of Southern California
65Brick City Solvers000Rochester Institute of Technology
66Brown Bears and Pooh000University of California at Berkeley
67bunz000University of Texas at Austin
68Buzz Kill000Georgia Institute of Technology
69BuzzLightYear000Georgia Institute of Technology
70ByteMe000Northeastern University
71C naughty000Carnegie Mellon University
72Calculated But Bad At Math000Rochester Institute of Technology
73Call911000Cornell University
74Captain Fantastic000University of Michigan
75Cardinality000Stanford University
76Carrot000University of California at Berkeley
77Casey Jones000University of Illinois
78Casual Inference000University of Washington
79CE Squad000Rochester Institute of Technology
80Challenger000University of Michigan
81chhhooool wranntch000Carnegie Mellon University
82Chicken and ROFLs000Stanford University
83Chicken McNugget Theorem000University of Southern California
84Chudooders000University of Texas at Austin
85CipherDotes000Northeastern University
86Cloudy000University of Illinois
87code-blooded000University of California at Berkeley
88Coders without a program000Georgia Institute of Technology
89COME ON AND SLAM000Carnegie Mellon University
90Connor and the Space Invaders000University of Michigan
91Conundrers000Carnegie Mellon University
92Conundrum000University of Michigan
93CopyTam000Carnegie Mellon University
94Corwin and Friends000Carnegie Mellon University
95Couple Noodles000University of Washington
96CPEople000University of Texas at Austin
97Craig000University of Washington
98Crammers000Carnegie Mellon University
99cs184-proj3-1000University of California at Berkeley
100CSC000Rochester Institute of Technology
101Dad000University of Michigan
102Dad's Spaghetti000University of Texas at Austin
103Dairy Farmers000University of Washington
104Dargonberry Crunch Vodka000Harvard University
105Decoded000University of Michigan
106DESOLATION OF SMAUG000Harvard University
107DevOps000University of Southern California
108DHTZ000University of Texas at Austin
109DiaoZhaTian000Carnegie Mellon University
110DinoNuggets000Stanford University
111Dirty Sprite000Rochester Institute of Technology
112Don't let your memes be dreams000Rochester Institute of Technology
113Doodlebug000University of California at Berkeley
114Dr Mr Professor TA Sir to you000Carnegie Mellon University
115Drachenjaeger000Carnegie Mellon University
116dragonflies000Stanford University
117DROP TABLE TEAMS000University of Washington
118DropTablesLikeItsHot000Brown University
119Dzongkha000University of Illinois
120E:puzzles000Olin College
121edamame shinigami000Cornell University
122Elbow Rule000University of Michigan
123EMI000University of Michigan
124Emperor Bumoi000Carnegie Mellon University
125Engineers can't do calculus000University of California at Berkeley
126Ethane000Rochester Institute of Technology
127Evans Existentialists000University of Washington
128Every Villain Is Lemons000Cornell University
129Exponential Onslaught000University of Michigan
130FaceDesk000Carnegie Mellon University
131Fairfax000Carnegie Mellon University
132Fantastic Puzzles and How to Solve Them000Georgia Institute of Technology
133Fatal Error000Cornell University
134Fifth on Fifth000Carnegie Mellon University
135FizzPuzz000Rochester Institute of Technology
136Flightless000University of Michigan
137Fluffier Elephants000Stanford University
138Fluffy000University of Washington
139Foobar000University of Washington
140Force Keepers000University of Illinois
141Fourth Place000California Institute of Technology
142Friends000University of Washington
143Friends of Geometry000University of Texas at Austin
144Fundamental Law000University of Michigan
145Funday Sunday000Carnegie Mellon University
146Fuzzy Bunnies000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
147Gamer's Guild000Georgia Institute of Technology
148GC3000Stanford University
149GCF000University of Washington
150Geass000Stanford University
151George Fei Fan Club000Stanford University
152GLaDDOS000University of Illinois
153G-NOMES000University of Washington
154GoldSulfurTitaniumNitrogen000University of Texas at Austin
155Goof Troop000University of Texas at Austin
156Gophers000Stanford University
157Gravity's Rainbow000University of Illinois
158GreaterThanEqualsTo000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
159GT SWAG Tours000Georgia Institute of Technology
160GUUU!000University of Washington
161Gym Squad000University of Illinois
162Hace frio000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
163Hamiltonians000University of Washington
164Harvard is fake news000Cornell University
165Hash Bae000Rochester Institute of Technology
166hashtagthetwist000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
167Hatch000University of Michigan
168HawkEye000Rochester Institute of Technology
169Headbutt000Georgia Institute of Technology
170Heavy Fermion000University of Illinois
171Herp Derp 2: The Derpening000Olin College
172HI VICTOR000Georgia Institute of Technology
173honeylovin000University of Illinois
174hotbananas000University of Southern California
175Hotel California000Carnegie Mellon University
176How I Met Your Puzzle000University of Illinois
177How the NSA got it wrong: memoirs of a gei-SHA000University of Texas at Austin
178Human-Puzzle Interaction000Carnegie Mellon University
179Hwat is a cat jiff000University of Washington
180I am Groot Beer000Rochester Institute of Technology
181ice bear000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
182I'll Go Rhythms000Cornell University
183In Like Flynn000University of Illinois
184Inner Circle000University of Texas at Austin
185in-s-ane000Cornell University
186International Orange000University of California at Los Angeles
187Isidre's Team000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
188iSolver000University of Washington
189It's Not a Bug It's a Feature000University of California at Berkeley
190Jambling Addiction000Rochester Institute of Technology
191Jammed in Huron000University of Michigan
192Jarvis000Carnegie Mellon University
193Jeffrey Miller's Puzzle Wizards000University of Southern California
194Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steel Beams000Georgia Institute of Technology
195Jinky Neners000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
196Jumping jalapenos000Georgia Institute of Technology
197Jungle Rumblers000Stanford University
198JuzzleJunters000Carnegie Mellon University
199Kaminsky Fan Club000Rochester Institute of Technology
200Keijo!!!!!!!!000Stanford University
201Kevin000University of Michigan
202Kevin's Deli000Carnegie Mellon University
203Kimchi Warriors000Carnegie Mellon University
204Knights and Knaves000Brown University
205Kodomo000Carnegie Mellon University
206La Revolucion000University of Michigan
207Laboratory of Puzzle Studies000Cornell University
208Lambda calculus000Cornell University
209Las Enchiladas Nucleares000University of Texas at Austin
210Let's Order Pizza000Georgia Institute of Technology
211Little Big Planet000Stanford University
212Little Red Dots000University of Washington
213Llamas of Ithaca000Cornell University
214lonewolves000Carnegie Mellon University
215LongliveAngrave000University of Illinois
216Los Jumping jalapenos000Georgia Institute of Technology
217Lotsa Looseish Lanes000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
218Low Expectations000University of California at Berkeley
219MAAD000University of Illinois
220Macrohard000Carnegie Mellon University
221Malware000University of Illinois
222Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch000University of Michigan
223Math is Easy000University of Washington
224Mehran's Favorites000Stanford University
225Meow000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
226Meseeks000University of Illinois
227Microbrains000Rochester Institute of Technology
228MicroScotty000Carnegie Mellon University
229MIPS000Rochester Institute of Technology
230MITease000University of Michigan
231Moony Wormtail Padfoot and Prongs000University of Illinois
232MS Paint000Carnegie Mellon University
233MUTEX000University of Illinois
234MWSC000Cornell University
235natural log000University of Michigan
236Natus Iactare000Georgia Institute of Technology
237Nihal and the Uppugunduris000University of Washington
238No Idea000University of California at Berkeley
239No Responsibilities000University of Michigan
240NoGameNoLife000University of Illinois
241Noodle000Carnegie Mellon University
242Northeastern... I thought you said Northweastern000Northeastern University
243Not So Great Ideas000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
244Not Your Team000Stanford University
245nothin personnel.... kid000University of Texas at Austin
246NPComplete000Carnegie Mellon University
247Nudist Beach000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
248Null000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
249nullptr000University of California at Los Angeles
250Nuuro000Stanford University
251obamaislove000Carnegie Mellon University
252OK Google000University of Illinois
253ORZ000University of Illinois
254OTHers000Cornell University
255P vs NP000University of Washington
256palindrome000University of Washington
257Paradox000Carnegie Mellon University
258parallelism000University of Washington
259PartyBarn000University of Texas at Austin
260Peas000Stanford University
261Pee Hetchians000Boston College
262PenguinPineapple ApplePenguin000Stanford University
263People Who Solve Puzzles Together000University of Texas at Austin
264perhaps 1 year of experience000Cornell University
265Picachu000Stanford University
266PiE 1000University of California at Berkeley
267PIVOT000University of Illinois
268Placeholder Team Name000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
269Platano Power000Cornell University
270please clap000California Institute of Technology
271poTAMEto000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
272Promise000Stanford University
273Proper Gators000University of California at Berkeley
274Punzzle000Carnegie Mellon University
275Puzzle Go000University of Illinois
276Puzzle Pandas000Georgia Institute of Technology
277Puzzle Panic000Rochester Institute of Technology
278Puzzle People000University of Washington
279PuzzLe SolvEr000University of Washington
280Puzzled000Georgia Institute of Technology
281Puzzled and Confused000University of Michigan
282Puzzling People000Georgia Institute of Technology
283Quinoa000Rochester Institute of Technology
284Real Engineers000University of Illinois
285Real Housewives of ThT000University of Michigan
286Red Herring000Carnegie Mellon University
287Red Silhouettes000University of Michigan
288RITz Crackers000Rochester Institute of Technology
289rofl000Harvard University
290Rogue Four000Stanford University
291Ronald Reagan Memorial Coffee Machine000University of Illinois
292RuleBreaker000Stanford University
293Saddest Turtle000Stanford University
294Sake from whence the Teapot000University of California at Berkeley
295Saxophone-More-Like-Sucksophone000Harvard University
296SC Avengers000University of Southern California
297SCCFTW000University of Washington
298Scotty Puppers000Carnegie Mellon University
299second plus000University of Michigan
300SETH easiness000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
301sevenpalms000University of California at Berkeley
302Sexy Space Cowboys and Jerry000Cornell University
303Shabangawia000Stanford University
304Shijie's gurls000Carnegie Mellon University
305shmeeda000University of Southern California
306sick jams000University of California at Berkeley
307Sigh... This again000Georgia Institute of Technology
308Sinister Six000University of California at Berkeley
309Skyline000Rochester Institute of Technology
310Slackers Inc.000Carnegie Mellon University
311sleep is coffee000Carnegie Mellon University
312Sleepless Knights000Georgia Institute of Technology
313Smash Mouth000University of Washington
314SNL000Stanford University
315Solve or Dissolve000University of California at Berkeley
316Something Formidable000University of California at Berkeley
317something something dank memes000Carnegie Mellon University
318Space Penguins000Carnegie Mellon University
319Space Tunisians000Cornell University
320SPecial oPS000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
321Spice Girls000Olin College
322SpringBreakers000University of Southern California
323Squad000University of California at Berkeley
324Squaric Acid000Brown University
325squingalinga000Cornell University
326Squires of the Squirrel000Carnegie Mellon University
327stackd on stackd on stackd000Carnegie Mellon University
328Stacy Chen come to mahjong club000Rochester Institute of Technology
329Standard Sheep Herding000University of Illinois
330Steganograsaurus000University of Illinois
331SU Pi Rate000University of Texas at Austin
332Super Intergalactic Rangers000Carnegie Mellon University
333Superconductionband000University of California at Berkeley
334Supreme Meme Dream Team000Stanford University
335Swift Team000University of Southern California
336Table Flips You Emoji000Carnegie Mellon University
337Tactile Actuation Force000University of Southern California
338Taken or Invalid000University of Illinois
339TARS000University of Washington
340TBD000Cornell University
341TEAM000University of Texas at Austin
342Team Awesome000Rochester Institute of Technology
343Team AZ000Carnegie Mellon University
344Team Boboddy000Cornell University
345Team China000University of Michigan
346team corinne000University of California at Berkeley
347Team CSECxy000Rochester Institute of Technology
348Team Epic000Georgia Institute of Technology
349Team Keijo000Stanford University
350Team Lemonade000Georgia Institute of Technology
351Team Manav000University of Michigan
352Team Not Try Hard000Rochester Institute of Technology
353Team Snacks000Olin College
354TeamBlue000Carnegie Mellon University
355Teamy McTeamFace000Rochester Institute of Technology
356Tesseract000University of California at Berkeley
357that guy000Harvard University
358The Architechs000University of Texas at Austin
359The Bean Machine000Stanford University
360the Block000Carnegie Mellon University
361The Brexitfast Club000Georgia Institute of Technology
362The Champerses000Stanford University
363The Corn Club000University of Illinois
364The Crew000Georgia Institute of Technology
365The Elrod Snidleys000Brown University
366The Final Four000Tufts University
367The Girl Wiggles000University of Michigan
368The Impossible Maize000University of Michigan
369The Knights Who Say NI000University of Texas at Austin
370The Panda Bears000University of California at Berkeley
371The Piazza God000University of California at Berkeley
372The puzzle outlaws000University of Illinois
373The Quad000Rochester Institute of Technology
374The Shampoo Bananas000University of Illinois
375The Sneaks000University of Texas at Austin
376The SPuzzlers000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
377The Stanford Turtle Curlers000Stanford University
378The Tatami Galaxy000University of Illinois
379The team that makes the tapes000Carnegie Mellon University
380The Wolf Pack000Rochester Institute of Technology
381Theta000Carnegie Mellon University
382This Puzzle is My Dad000Northeastern University
383TingleSensationPerforma000Cornell University
384tldr upma don000Carnegie Mellon University
385TM87000Georgia Institute of Technology
386tmp000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
387tofuking000University of Michigan
388toMATEo000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
389Too 10000University of Michigan
390torque team000University of Texas at Austin
391TotalDomination000University of Texas at Austin
392Trigeminal Nerds000Cornell University
393TripPogChamp000University of California at Berkeley
394Triscuit Biscuit Brisket and Zelia000University of California at Berkeley
395Truepositive000University of California at Los Angeles
396tsunami flowerpot000University of California at Berkeley
397Tucker Lucker Burger King000University of California at Berkeley
398Turing Machine000University of California at Berkeley of California at Berkeley
400U 1F913000Rochester Institute of Technology
401uclaupecomin4u000University of California at Los Angeles
402Uncomputables000Georgia Institute of Technology
403unic0rns000University of Illinois
404Unofficial000University of Illinois
405Upsetti Spaghetti000University of Michigan
406Vegan Cannibals000University of California at Berkeley
407Vicious and Delicious000University of Michigan
408views000Rochester Institute of Technology
409Waffles000University of Michigan
410We Couch Potatoes000Stanford University
411We Know What We're Doing000Georgia Institute of Technology
412WeKKND000Stanford University
413WELCOME TO THE JAM000Carnegie Mellon University
414What In Microsoft Corporation000Brown University
415Who do you think you are I am000Harvard University
416Who's Jim000Stanford University
417wikibros000University of Washington
418Windows Vista000Northeastern University
419Work000University of Illinois
420Wow. Such Puzzle000Rochester Institute of Technology
421wublev000Rochester Institute of Technology
422xXswaggernautsXx000University of Illinois
423Yama000Rochester Institute of Technology
424Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah - Lil Uzi Vert000University of Michigan
425YEEZY 2020000Georgia Institute of Technology
426yetanotherteam000Rochester Institute of Technology
427YOLO9000000Georgia Institute of Technology
428You People000Georgia Institute of Technology
429YYYY000Cornell University
430Zejjvoc000Olin College
431Zeno000Stanford University

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