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1' '000Brown University
2' OR '1' is '1000University of California at Berkeley
3! team blue000University of Texas at Austin
4::::000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
5:D000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
610th000Georgia Institute of Technology
71-D Infinite Well000University of California at Berkeley
83abqarino000University of Illinois
9404000Georgia Institute of Technology
10Abusement Park000Georgia Institute of Technology
11Actually toasters toast bread000Cornell University
12admin000University of California at Berkeley
13ADV18000California Institute of Technology
14Air Hogs000Cornell University
15all i do is puzzle puzzle puzzle no matter what000University of Michigan
16Aperture Science000University of California at Berkeley
17Artificial Intelligentsia000University of California at Berkeley
18ASCII000Rochester Institute of Technology
19BBQ sauce on our tiddies000Cornell University
20bbt000Cornell University
21Best Office000University of Michigan
22big ballers 2: electric boogaloo000University of California at Los Angeles
23BIU000Rochester Institute of Technology
24Black Fedora Group000University of California at Berkeley
25boba pie000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
26bobabaobab000Stanford University
27Brick City Solvers000Rochester Institute of Technology
28Brunonian Brain Nouns000Brown University
29Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo000Stanford University
30BUGCAT!000Cornell University
31BURBLIEST DOOR000Carnegie Mellon University
32Buzz LitYear000Georgia Institute of Technology
33Buzzkill000Georgia Institute of Technology
34By dingbat!000Cornell University
35Cal000University of California at Berkeley
36Canonical Ensemble000University of California at Berkeley
37Cardinality000Stanford University
38CBears000University of California at Berkeley
39Champagne000Stanford University
40Chaotic 3000University of Southern California
41Chicken Strip000Northeastern University
42ChinEx000University of California at Berkeley
43Cipher Nine000University of Maryland
44Compared to What000Rochester Institute of Technology
45Conduction Band000University of California at Berkeley
46Conundrum000University of Michigan
47ctown4lyfe000University of Michigan
48Da Bois000University of Illinois
49Dawn of the Rise of the Return of the Planet of the Dank Dongers 2: Electric Boogaloo000University of California at Berkeley
50Daytime Brobbery000University of California at Los Angeles
51DMG's Friends000University of Michigan
52do not toot it000University of Maryland
53dua lipa's new rules000University of Michigan
54Easily Computables000Georgia Institute of Technology
55EATS NUTS000Carnegie Mellon University
56Egregiously Inefficient000University of Michigan
57Elbow room000University of Michigan
58Emperor Bumoi000Carnegie Mellon University
59Every villain is Lemons000University of Washington
60Feminist UnderCover Kingdom000University of Washington
61Fluffy000University of Washington
62For x in range 7: print 'gucci gang'000University of Texas at Austin
63Force of Interest000Boston University
64Fresh men000University of Southern California
65Gamer's Guild 1000Georgia Institute of Technology
66GAZUA000Stanford University
67Geiger woke Shuva000University of Washington
68gig em000University of Texas at Austin
69G-NOMES000University of Washington
70Go For Gold000Cornell University
71Godammit Marcel You Ruined Everything Yet Again000Carnegie Mellon University
72GoldSulfurTitaniumNitrogen000University of Texas at Austin
73Goodfellas000University of Illinois
74Guess and guess and guess and give up000Carnegie Mellon University
75Hamiltonians000University of Washington
76Happy Family000California Institute of Technology
77hashtag000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
78Hashtag SquadCar000University of California at Berkeley
79hcrg000Rochester Institute of Technology
80Hire me plz000University of California at Berkeley
81Hockey Pie000University of California at Los Angeles
82How to Design Puzzles 2e000Northeastern University
83HowOldAreYou000University of Michigan
84Hungry and Thirsty000University of Waterloo (co-ops in Seattle)
85I am Groot Beer000Rochester Institute of Technology
86I can handle the business side000University of Waterloo (co-ops in Seattle)
87I have assembled all five special cards...all five pieces of the puzzle!!!000University of Michigan
88I know java000University of Maryland
89if homeboy comes thru with these... it's quiet. but if he comes thru in like these... homeboy's gonna like... get it000University of Texas at Austin
90iFuckBugs000Georgia Institute of Technology
91IjopuX gon' give it to ya000Georgia Institute of Technology
92Injoker000University of Southern California
93int elligence000University of Illinois
94ISR Anime Scrubs000University of Illinois
95J.I.C.S000University of Michigan
96Jamboree000University of Washington
97JasonBourne000University of California at Berkeley
98Juices Flowing000University of Maryland
99Kamkwamba is our lord and savior000University of Michigan
100KingsGambit000Rochester Institute of Technology
101Lil Blue's Clues000California Institute of Technology
102Lilac Aurora Troupe000University of California at Berkeley
103Lima Papa Yankee000University of Illinois
104Linear algebra is easy: change my mind000University of California at Berkeley
105Litty Pitty Vatican City000California Institute of Technology
106Macrohard000Harvard University
107Mamba Mania000California Institute of Technology
108Mario Odyssey and Chill000University of Southern California
109Marky Mark and the Funky Band000Harvard University
110Mouse Rat000University of Washington
111Naive Baes000Georgia Institute of Technology
112Nat's Awesome Team000Stanford University
113Navier and the Stokes000Georgia Institute of Technology
114Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon000University of Texas at Austin
115No Name000Cornell University
116-No Selection-000University of Illinois
117No Shit Sherlock000University of Michigan
118Not So Great Ideas000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
119Not Winners000University of Maryland
120NRG000Cornell University
121nullptr000University of California at Los Angeles
122NUTgallery000University of Texas at Austin
123Nuuro000Stanford University
124OCTO000University of California at Berkeley
125OG Ruddock000California Institute of Technology
126OTL000University of California at Berkeley
127Outliers000University of California at Berkeley
128Overcooked000Cornell University
129P is NP000University of Maryland
130P on Our Semaphore000Cornell University
131Penguin Pineapple Apple Penguin000Stanford University
132PhDs in Puzzleology000University of Illinois
133pineapple belongs on pizza000Cornell University
134pizzaworld000Boston University
135pj000California Institute of Technology
136PNB000University of Maryland
137Pogchamp000Harvard University
138potatoes000Cornell University
139Pre Event Puzzlers000University of Waterloo (co-ops in Seattle)
140Pseudodeterministic Generators000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
141Psyduck000University of California at Berkeley
142puZZled000Stanford University
143Puzzowls000Carnegie Mellon University
144Quinoa 2.0000Rochester Institute of Technology
145qwerty000Carnegie Mellon University
146RailTEC000University of Illinois
147rainbowdashers000University of California at Berkeley
148Red Velvet000Georgia Institute of Technology
149RITz Crackers000Rochester Institute of Technology
150Ronald Reagan Memorial Coffee Machine000University of Illinois
151room 126000California Institute of Technology
152Saintes or Grunches000University of Texas at Austin
153Sake Barring The Teapot000University of California at Berkeley
154san bing you yong000University of Michigan
155Sandomeno Shojiki000University of Washington
156SChemEs000University of California at Berkeley
157Segmentation fault000University of California at Berkeley
158Sexy Space Cowboys and Jerry000Cornell University
159Shining Deadly Literary Blast000Georgia Institute of Technology
160SIDD000Brown University
161Sister Act 3: Nun of Your Business000Brown University
162Sleepless Knights000Georgia Institute of Technology
163Solvers000Rochester Institute of Technology
164Something Formidable000University of California at Berkeley
165Space Penguins000Carnegie Mellon University
166SPecialOPS000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
167spencerisaweeb000University of Massachusetts Amherst
168Squark000University of Michigan
169Strokes-Characters-Words-Sentences000Carnegie Mellon University
170sudo submit000University of Michigan
171Swag Collecting Society000Carnegie Mellon University
172Sweep000University of Texas at Austin
173Tactile Actuation Force000University of Southern California
174Take a Stab at it!000Georgia Institute of Technology
175tbd000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
176Team Chu World Champs000University of Texas at Austin
177Team Mug000Georgia Institute of Technology
178team red000University of Texas at Austin
179Team Rip000Stanford University
180Team Snacks000Olin College
181Team Turtle000Cornell University
182teammate000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
183test team please ignore000University of Washington
184The Asian Tacos000Rochester Institute of Technology
185The Elrod Snidelys000Brown University
186The Funky Town Monkey Pimps000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
187The Hamilton Polka000University of California at Berkeley
188The Impossible Maize000University of Michigan
189The Motto000Rochester Institute of Technology
190THE OVERDOGS000Stanford University
191The Panda Bears000University of California at Berkeley
192The Puzzle Outlaws000Stanford University
193The Puzzlers of Catan Legacy: Season 2000University of Illinois
194The Quad000Rochester Institute of Technology
195The Real Deal Test Team000University of Waterloo (co-ops in Seattle)
196The Stanford Turtle Curlers000Stanford University
197thinking emoji000University of Texas at Austin
198Tho 'n Co000Georgia Institute of Technology
199Throwback Thursday000University of Maryland
200TingleSensationPerforma000Cornell University
201Triscuit Biscuit Brisket and Zelia000University of California at Berkeley
202TrivediCorp000Stanford University
203Trivially000Cornell University
204tsunami flowerpot000University of California at Berkeley
205UCLA000University of California at Los Angeles
206ultiMATE000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
207VERONA000Cornell University
208Waffles000University of Michigan
209We Got All The Pieces000Massachusetts Institute of Technology
210Who's Jim000Stanford University
211WIN000University of Maryland
212Windows Vista000Northeastern University
213Workbears000University of California at Berkeley
214X000Stanford University
215Yogurt000Cornell University
216Zesty Nathan000Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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