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1TN: keikaku means plan47392Carnegie Mellon University
2look AT ME now47392Massachusetts Institute of Technology
3O------ Puzzle Detected O------47392Massachusetts Institute of Technology
4Black Fedora Group47392University of California at Berkeley
5Human Puzzle Interaction47392Carnegie Mellon University
6Spicy Carrot Soup47392Carnegie Mellon University
7Not So Great Ideas47392Massachusetts Institute of Technology
8All according to keikaku47392Carnegie Mellon University
9!47392University of California at Los Angeles
10Runpeng47392Stanford University
11In Like Flynn47392University of Illinois
12SETH Hardness46382Stanford University
13Pumpkin Muffin45372Georgia Institute of Technology
14Sadist Turtle44362Stanford University
15American Chopsticks43352University of Texas at Austin
16Wall-E43352Carnegie Mellon University
17E:Puzzles43352Olin College
18HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA42381Harvey Mudd College
19The Meme Supreme42381Stanford University
20Cardinality41371Stanford University
21rainbowDash41371University of California at Berkeley
22doorretoez41371Carnegie Mellon University
23SPecial Ops41371Massachusetts Institute of Technology
24Turing Compete40361University of Southern California
25Topologos40361Cornell University
26Every Villain Is Lemons40361Cornell University
27Your Mom40361University of Michigan
28Dropbear39351Harvard University
29yueri39351Stanford University
30ThisIsAPuzzle39351Brown University
31The SPuzzlers39351Massachusetts Institute of Technology
32Unicode Snowman39351Cornell University
33Absolute Stereochemistry38341University of California at Berkeley
34The Chobos38341Stanford University
35Purple Puppies38341Carnegie Mellon University
36Friends37331University of Washington
37nullptr37331University of California at Los Angeles
38cobab's trend is toward less formal clothing.35350University of Michigan
39Waffles35350University of Michigan
40Kanye and friends34340University of Toronto
41Can't stop. Won't stop. Don't know how to stop.34340Columbia University
42Senioritis34340University of Maryland
43Chicken and Roflz34340Stanford University
44Chudooders33330University of Texas at Austin
45Giant Magnetosquid33330Stanford University
46meet ME AT mit33330Massachusetts Institute of Technology
47Space Tunisians33330Cornell University
48yams33330University of Toronto
49PlaceholderName33330Massachusetts Institute of Technology
50PikaPile33330Carnegie Mellon University
51Old People33330Stanford University
52Math33330University of Washington
53Dr Mr Professor TA Sir to you33330Carnegie Mellon University
54Higgs Bozos33330California Institute of Technology
55Big Donald33330Massachusetts Institute of Technology
56TARS33330University of Washington
57Vicious Vixens32320Stanford University
58G-nomes32320University of Washington
59Fluffy Elephants32320Stanford University
60Evil League of Evil32320University of Illinois
61The Recursion Fairies32320University of Illinois
62LeoAndCJ32320Georgia Institute of Technology
63I Give Up32320Carnegie Mellon University
64Quinary Avengers32320Stanford University
65Team Fred32320Olin College
66Conundrum32320University of Michigan
67The Quad32320Rochester Institute of Technology
68Slottman31310University of California at Berkeley
69TNB31310Cornell University
7022931310Rochester Institute of Technology
71I Am Groot Beer31310Rochester Institute of Technology
72Moony Wormtail Padfoot and Prongs31310University of Illinois
73null31310Brown University
74Team31310University of Maryland
75Mighty Rudds31310California Institute of Technology
76Hot Sauce31310University of Washington
77Unbreakable31310Carnegie Mellon University
78Abusement Park31310Georgia Institute of Technology
79PaDLoCk31310University of Pennsylvania
80Conduction Band31310University of California at Berkeley
81Harry Potter and Friends31310Olin College
82Jason's Angels31310Cornell University
83Chicken and ROFLs31310Stanford University
84Nuuro31310Stanford University
85int-elligence30300University of Pennsylvania
86Casual Inference30300University of Washington
87Amos Fan Club30300University of Pennsylvania
88CatFacedMoo30300Brown University
89Beep Boop Steeches30300Stanford University
90Tesseract30300University of California at Berkeley
91American Wallace30300University of Michigan
92Trolls30300Harvard University
93Puzzle Time Equals Non-Puzzle Time30300University of Central Florida
94Team Redundancy Team30300Rochester Institute of Technology
95Greensheaves30300Columbia University
96salut30300Harvard University
97Basement Engineers30300University of Washington
98The Shrekening30300Georgia Institute of Technology
99Boba Tea30300Massachusetts Institute of Technology
100puppers30300University of Washington
101Aiiyoh29290Carnegie Mellon University
102Byte Me29290Brown University
103POTATO NAKAMA29290University of Michigan
104The Shepherds29290Rochester Institute of Technology
105Sexy Space Cowboys and Jerry29290Cornell University
106Eisbar29290Carnegie Mellon University
107Jam and Jelly29290University of California at Berkeley
108Tuff Gremlinz29290California Institute of Technology
109Breaking Down Surge Modular28280Stanford University
110Yukipo28280University of Illinois
111LAs ExplorDORAs28280University of California at Los Angeles
112Patiently Hoping for Degrees28280University of Michigan
113go go gadget flow28280University of California at Berkeley
114Epsilon28280Carnegie Mellon University
115Zuul28280Harvard University
116Knees of Justice28280University of Maryland
117outperforms a random baseline28280Cornell University
118ADV1828280California Institute of Technology
119chocolate28280Stanford University
120The Panda Bears28280University of California at Berkeley
121Walla Walla Weasel Whackers28280University of Michigan
122The Dong Expanders28280Columbia University
123ye olde birds28280University of Michigan
124C4rnellian28280Cornell University
1253 brothers and some other guy28280University of Toronto
126YAAR28280Massachusetts Institute of Technology
127Tautology28280University of Southern California
128Ingeniously Creative Puzzle Crackers28280University of Illinois
129Big Red Betas28280Cornell University
130This is not a puzzle.27270Brown University
131Team Team Inverse-It's Our Identity27270University of California at Berkeley
132Essential Personnel27270University of Maryland
133Ronald Reagan Memorial Coffee Machine27270University of Illinois
134Nudist Beach27270University of California at Berkeley
135Lincoln Jr.'s Spaghettisburg Address27270Georgia Institute of Technology
136Dirty Danson27270Rochester Institute of Technology
137Smaug27270Harvard University
138NACK27270University of Texas at Austin
139The Knights Who Say NI27270University of Texas at Austin
140We are taking the hobbits to Isengard27270Georgia Institute of Technology
141dynamos27270Brown University
142Sid's Bananas27270University of Southern California
143Bromega27270University of Washington
144TeppermintPatty27270Carnegie Mellon University
145toroto27270Cornell University
146Artificial Intelligence27270University of Michigan
147Karma Police27270Carnegie Mellon University
148It's Always A Lynbrook Party27270University of California at Berkeley
149Overly Hunky and Manly Sausagefest ft. Bangladesh26260Massachusetts Institute of Technology
150Greatest Common Factor26260Massachusetts Institute of Technology
151invalid26260Carnegie Mellon University
152Kanye 202026260Northeastern University
153Flightless26260University of Michigan
154Noot noot26260California Institute of Technology
155Kimchi Warriors26260Carnegie Mellon University
156Buffalox826260Stanford University
157Casual Puzzlers26260University of Maryland
158tsunami flowerpot26260University of California at Berkeley
159S A L T Y B O Y S26260Columbia University
160superfly26260Stanford University
161Is there a character limit26260University of Michigan
162Clueless Hackers26260University of Texas at Austin
163segmentation w0t26260University of Toronto
164Kanye 201626260University of Pennsylvania
165Inception4226260Carnegie Mellon University
166Creative Team Name26260University of California at Berkeley
167WolfPack26260University of Michigan
168Kodomo26260Carnegie Mellon University
169Joopity Bloopily26260Cornell University
170New Meta26260Harvard University
171Tingle Sensation Performa26260Cornell University
172.26260University of Maryland
173NRG26260Cornell University
174280326260Columbia University
175Subnit to Anarchy25250Massachusetts Institute of Technology
176Twerk Thunder25250University of Maryland
177Llama Yama Llama25250Massachusetts Institute of Technology
178que PASA25250Cornell University
179C O B A B L A D S25250University of Michigan
180Banter25250Massachusetts Institute of Technology
181We will probably forget to change this25250Georgia Institute of Technology
182Dense But Rational25250University of California at Berkeley
183Wishing Well25250University of Pennsylvania
184jack25250University of Toronto
185Dont get bitter just get better25250University of Texas at Austin
186Team Motto25250University of Toronto
187I Dottori25250University of Washington
188Bits Love Sosa25250University of Texas at Austin
189Geometry is fun!25250University of Texas at Austin
190The Slak Pak25250Rochester Institute of Technology
191pisquared25250Massachusetts Institute of Technology
192Orange Planet24240University of Central Florida
193Angry Beavers24240California Institute of Technology
194NP Hard24240University of Toronto
195Jeb Bush Pocket Turtles24240University of Michigan
196Enigmatic Engineers24240University of Texas at Austin
197TEAMKEVIN24240University of California at Berkeley
198The Bloom Filter24240University of Washington
199Make America Niubi Again24240University of Michigan
200Quinoa24240Rochester Institute of Technology
201Flying Piggy24240Stanford University
202just come for pizza and T shirt24240University of Michigan
203Nayru24240Carnegie Mellon University
204Anyfin Can Happen24240Carnegie Mellon University
205IntelAgents24240University of Toronto
206brabs24240Georgia Institute of Technology
207MT H4X0R23230University of Pennsylvania
208-PUZZLES INTERNALLY-23230University of Pennsylvania
209EZPZ converter23230University of Illinois
210Isidre's team23230Massachusetts Institute of Technology
211Brick City Solvers23230Rochester Institute of Technology
212Novice23230Carnegie Mellon University
213GreatWallOfAmerica23230Cornell University
214Chillin' With My Ohmies23230University of Central Florida
215Neuron Swanson23230Columbia University
216Wow. Such Puzzle.23230Rochester Institute of Technology
2174ThetaSigma23230University of Illinois
218Dumpster Fire23230Rochester Institute of Technology
219The Impossible Maize23230University of Michigan
220Emperor Bumoi23230Carnegie Mellon University
221FizzPuzz23230Rochester Institute of Technology
222My Chemical Recursion23230Georgia Institute of Technology
223Psyched!23230University of Texas at Austin
224Bashdoor23230Massachusetts Institute of Technology
225Can Du Ali Lup 2: Electric Boogaloo23230Cornell University
226Kwan with the Wind22220Cornell University
227Yashie on the Keys22220University of California at Berkeley
228Bubba22220Rochester Institute of Technology
229Backdoor Access22220University of Washington
230whoami22220University of California at Berkeley
231So Free22220Carnegie Mellon University
232Flying Instrumental Variables22220University of Michigan
233PLM22220University of Maryland
234SSJJ22220University of California at Berkeley
235Regina Phalange22220University of Pennsylvania
236Zoo Pals Crankdat Future Remix22220Cornell University
237Four-momentum22220University of California at Berkeley
238Blue22220California Institute of Technology
239Dad22220University of Michigan
240Catsup22220University of Washington
241The Sharks22220Stanford University
242B'Euler Up!22220University of Illinois
243BE0IFIDDI22220Carnegie Mellon University
244Monolith22220Columbia University
245Ninja Turtles22220University of Michigan
246Team Wow22220University of Central Florida
247Bilbo Swaggins22220University of Maryland
248Happy Birthday!22220University of Illinois
249Basil Leaf Concubine Stem22220Cornell University
250Sean's Biggerstaff21210University of California at Berkeley
251The Team That Must Not Be Named21210Georgia Institute of Technology
252Sputnik21210University of Washington
253Red Herring21210Carnegie Mellon University
254Belltower21210University of Illinois
255diaozhatian21210Carnegie Mellon University
256The deviredes21210University of Washington
257Name21210University of Illinois
258Rave Cave21210University of California at Berkeley
259duang duang21210Massachusetts Institute of Technology
260Meteor Maker21210Northeastern University
261Hal's Angels21210University of Maryland
262Brad's Army21210Georgia Institute of Technology
263Escape Squad21210University of Toronto
264So Simple21210University of California at Berkeley
265AWEsomeness21210University of California at Berkeley
266IndyFam1T720200University of Toronto
267We're just here for the food20200University of Maryland
268Logos20200University of Maryland
269hoagiecity20200University of Pennsylvania
270Old Kent Road20200University of Illinois
271Victorious Secret20200Rochester Institute of Technology
272Dirty Nicks and the Boy20200University of Michigan
273Summertime sadness20200Cornell University
274Apple20200University of Pennsylvania
275SKY20200University of Illinois
276Durst and the Bow Saws20200Cornell University
2772016: A Puzzle Odyssey20200University of Michigan
278Team Panda: I Got Shards in Atlanta20200University of Texas at Austin
279Toga Party20200University of California at Berkeley
280Zoo Pals Ft. Pitbull20200Cornell University
281Bulldozers here for lunch20200University of Central Florida
282Space Penguins20200Carnegie Mellon University
283Squadratic Equation20200University of Pennsylvania
284axolotl20200Stanford University
285Sherlock Watson20200University of Toronto
286The Elrod Snidleys20200Brown University
287404 Not Found20200Tufts University
2884ever puzzled20200Cornell University
289Zhuangbility20200University of Michigan
290Anaheim Electronics20200University of Toronto
291straightouttamorewood19190Carnegie Mellon University
292Fireball19190University of California at Berkeley
293Inception19190Carnegie Mellon University
294Team Maybe We'll Try Harder This Time19190Rochester Institute of Technology
295Puzzle Panicked19190Rochester Institute of Technology
296NSA Janitorial Staff19190Georgia Institute of Technology
297Avocado19190University of Illinois
298Lazy Grad Student19190University of Maryland
299AllisonBob19190Cornell University
300The Chicken Strippers19190University of Illinois
301ritter sport19190Massachusetts Institute of Technology
302NDAKOTA19190University of Washington
303murlocs19190University of Pennsylvania
304Star Forgers19190University of Toronto
305Gryffindor19190University of Southern California
306Taco Cat19190Massachusetts Institute of Technology
307Taotaotao19190University of Michigan
308Uris Deli19190Columbia University
309folsom prison inmates18180Carnegie Mellon University
310Plz Hire Me18180Rochester Institute of Technology
311hi18180University of Toronto
312WiSE 2.018180University of California at Berkeley
313FeelTheBlern18180Northeastern University
314columbia seniors18180Columbia University
315KappaSig18180University of Michigan
316we like free food18180University of California at Berkeley
317Jig Saw18180University of Michigan
318Much Ado About Methane18180Harvard University
319Smash Mouth18180University of Washington
320Team Awesome18180Stanford University
321Aadil's Angels18180University of Toronto
322Squid18180Cornell University
323UBOL18180University of Texas at Austin
324Sudden Thought18180Georgia Institute of Technology
325Physics4Life18180University of California at Berkeley
326Cincai Cincau18180University of Toronto
327Torque Team18180University of Texas at Austin
328Dairy Farmers18180University of Washington
329Bugs in the System18180Cornell University
330404TeamNotFound17170Cornell University
331DRRR17170Brown University
332MechGurlz17170University of Toronto
333Don't use a spoon17170Cornell University
334lol17170Stanford University
335d317170Brown University
336Space inBAITers17170University of Michigan
337Invincible Illini17170University of Illinois
3380q17170Columbia University
339DROP TABLE team17170University of Maryland
340FA Nation17170University of Illinois
341RailTEC17170University of Illinois
342MajorKey16160University of Michigan
343Not Dank Memers16160Georgia Institute of Technology
344Nukes of Hazard16160Georgia Institute of Technology
345Team Puma16160Georgia Institute of Technology
346Trump 201616160University of California at Berkeley
347Lion Turtles16160University of California at Berkeley
348xXSwaggernautsXx16160University of Illinois
349SuiNi16160University of Michigan
350Microhard16160Columbia University
351Little Prince16160University of Illinois
352Feel the Bern16160University of Washington
35343316160Georgia Institute of Technology
354Ball Out16160Cornell University
355Chikin King16160University of California at Berkeley
3560116160Columbia University
357BusyBeavers15150Massachusetts Institute of Technology
358Pinkies and the Brain15150University of Toronto
359OldBoys15150Rochester Institute of Technology
360Perovskite Pals15150Stanford University
361reigning cash15150Cornell University
362Tiparos15150Columbia University
363Here for Free Food15150University of Washington
364Senior Cool Cats15150University of California at Berkeley
365Turtles15150University of Pennsylvania
366First-timer15150University of Maryland
367DoctypeRobot15150Rochester Institute of Technology
368mushBAM15150University of California at Los Angeles
369Team Unclear14140Massachusetts Institute of Technology
370War Pestilence Famine and Death14140Cornell University
371The GodSquad14140University of Michigan
372SO GOOD14140University of Waterloo (co-ops in Seattle)
373Avengers and Pandas14140Georgia Institute of Technology
374asianfusion14140University of Toronto
3750 to 10014140Rochester Institute of Technology
376Friendly Toast14140Harvard University
377where art thou team14140University of Michigan
378Vector14140University of Michigan
379PAKA14140Cornell University
380Teamwork Makes the Dream Work14140University of Central Florida
381DHTZ14140University of Texas at Austin
382Humans14140University of Central Florida
383Taylor is Swift14140University of Michigan
384Skyscrapers !14140University of Central Florida
385Dumbledore's Army14140Cornell University
386Danger 413130Northeastern University
387Modern13130Cornell University
388SurfaceBook13130University of Toronto
389FourBlindMen13130Columbia University
390brown lantern13130University of Texas at Austin
391And Mexico Will Pay13130University of Central Florida
392None13130University of Pennsylvania
393TGGB12120University of Central Florida
394PJTS-Complete12120Harvard University
395Odyssey12120Cornell University
396Team Rocket11110Harvard University
397Amgine11110Cornell University
398RotiKnights11110University of Central Florida
399Unit 1 Ver. 211110Cornell University
400Teambrook11110Rochester Institute of Technology
401WaffleFries11110Stanford University
402NPcompete10100University of Texas at Austin
403Meme Team Dream Team10100Massachusetts Institute of Technology
404cs61b-pnp10100University of California at Berkeley
405Corner Office10100University of Pennsylvania
406HKJournalist10100University of Texas at Austin
407RubbishAtPuzzles10100Carnegie Mellon University
408Ain't No Girl Scouts990University of Michigan
409xe is my senior990University of Michigan
410FunGrads990University of Washington
411Bit Boys880University of Maryland
41210th88880Georgia Institute of Technology
413BigGod880University of Illinois
414Squad Over Zero880University of Washington
415Acoustic kitty880University of Pennsylvania
416CATALYST880Northeastern University
417KnightBongs880University of Central Florida
418TeamPilot880University of Toronto
419Dream Team770Columbia University
420The Team Formerly Known as Prince770Cornell University
421nu's770Stanford University
422alpha770Carnegie Mellon University
423NetbeansAndChill770University of Toronto
424deCode770Rochester Institute of Technology
425Professional2660Cornell University
426Maverick660Columbia University
427PnD Forever550University of Illinois
428Rainbow Monkeys330University of California at Berkeley
429exceptionCatcher220Rochester Institute of Technology
430SuperMarioBros220Northeastern University
431Shenanigans110Carnegie Mellon University
432Consensus of Jasons110University of Texas at Austin
433Cromulons000University of Central Florida
434NKE000Carnegie Mellon University

Puzzle solve counts

Wave Puzzle Solves
Wave 1History429
Pre-EventCPC Makes Travel History427
Pre-EventJournal Logs427
Pre-EventSage Wisdom425
Pre-EventTime To Explore425
Wave 1Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego?423
Wave 3Illegal Clues414
Wave 2The Time Traveler's Wife385
Wave 11701383
Wave 3Rewritten379
Wave 2Diplo and Friends378
Wave 1College Puzzle Callbox371
Wave 3Celebi369
Wave 3Jar Heads344
Wave 1Traveling by Wo ormho oles342
Wave 2Search In Time333
Wave 2Jet Lag299
Wave 2What Time Is It?274
Wave 2Timeline272
Wave 3Binary Image268
Wave 3Genetically Modified Organisms254
Wave 1Time To Get A Watch236
Wave 1Loops210
Wave 1Parallel Cinemas204
Wave 2Dangers of Time Travel193
Wave 3Encore168
Wave 2Reality Time Viewer165
Wave 3Damaged Engines162
Wave 2Timey Wimey Rhymey Stuff159
Wave 3Just Add Thyme152
Wave 3Legacy Failure136
Wave 1Gravitons and Graviolis127
Wave 1Bag Tags124
Wave 1Fishing In Time79
Wave 3Now is not the time to use that!51
Wave 2Give It A Second49
Wave 2Chibiusa49
Wave 2Portals36
Wave 3Capsule18

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