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1Good Fibrations200201University of Michigan
3Ozok is still in grad school200201Stanford
6Eigensolvers180181University of Washington
7Holy crap a talking muffin 230231Carnegie Mellon University
8Team Umizoomi220220University of Michigan
10Je ne sais pas!210210Carnegie Mellon University
11this is too hard for us190190Stanford
12Triple Crown Royal190190Cornell
13Team Yay!190190University of Michigan
14aMichiganUnion190190University of Michigan
15The SlayerS BoxeR Rebellion190190Georgia Institute of Technology
18clever name190190Stanford
19Steel Avocados190190Cornell
20Let Them Not Eat Cake190190Cornell
21The Claw180180Stanford
22SVDEverything180180Carnegie Mellon University
23Possibly Competent180180Stanford
24My Crows Often Doze180180Carnegie Mellon University
25Grandpa Life180180University of Michigan
26Evil League of Evil180180Stanford
27Spiders From Mars180180University of Washington
28FFFF180180University of Michigan
29Paranoid Androids180180Georgia Institute of Technology
30Mystery Inc.170170Carnegie Mellon University
31AC Durand170170Stanford
32Salarian Infiltrators170170Georgia Institute of Technology
33Temp170170Georgia Institute of Technology
34Skeuomorph170170Carnegie Mellon University
36Olag170170Georgia Institute of Technology
37Thirteen Equals Eight170170University of Washington
38Locked in170170Stanford
39Phineas and the Ferb-Tones170170Cornell
40The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Paul170170Carnegie Mellon University
41Finite Simple Group170170Stanford
42Garlic Cloves 170170Georgia Institute of Technology
43Fun Guy Taquitos160160Carnegie Mellon University
44!160160University of Michigan
45Dogdoo 8160160Georgia Institute of Technology
46It's not Hydrogen. It's Heeeeliiuuummmm!160160Stanford
47Little Red Dotdotdots160160Cornell
48Quizzin My Pants160160Georgia Institute of Technology
49DROP TABLE Puzzles160160Rochester Institute of Technology
50UM Team Awesome160160University of Michigan
51The Hive160160Georgia Institute of Technology
52Blackpearl160160Carnegie Mellon University
53Overclocked and Underloved160160Carnegie Mellon University
54Discreetly Random160160Cornell
55Harmful if Swallowed160160Cornell
56D1W150150Carnegie Mellon University
57 The team must have a name. 150150University of Washington
60GO PIG150150Stanford
61Eat puzzles for breakfast150150Stanford
62NaderIsDelightful150150University of Michigan
63Chewy Strikes Back150150Georgia Institute of Technology
64LaLeLi Reloaded150150Cornell
65Theory Wankers150150Carnegie Mellon University
66W.H.D.A.T.M.T.N.T.T.T.B.I.T.N.T.C.150150Rochester Institute of Technology
67Awesome150150Rochester Institute of Technology
68Turtles150150University of Michigan
69Sylow Green150150Carnegie Mellon University
70SECSy140140Rochester Institute of Technology
71The Black Hats140140Rochester Institute of Technology
72Gymnasium of Our Dear Leader's Philosophy140140Rochester Institute of Technology
73Amberites140140University of Michigan
74Registered140140Georgia Institute of Technology
75What Willis Was Talkin Bout140140Cornell
766 feet under140140University of Michigan
77anyong140140University of Washington
79Macaca Unleashed130130Stanford
80Theta Xi130130Georgia Institute of Technology
81Okay Potato130130Georgia Institute of Technology
82SAGS130130Georgia Institute of Technology
83MERL-in130130Carnegie Mellon University
84Cardinal Numbers130130Stanford
85Im-a-Gin-at-Ion130130University of Michigan
86Team Unbrolievable130130Rochester Institute of Technology
87cinderblocks130130Carnegie Mellon University
88Gentlemen of the Old School120120Stanford
89And they said Macs can't get viruses120120Georgia Institute of Technology
91notPron120120Carnegie Mellon University
92FRM120120University of Washington
93Xtreme Puzzle Ninjas120120Rochester Institute of Technology
94The Mauve Avengers120120Georgia Institute of Technology
95RedvsBlue120120Georgia Institute of Technology
96The Quad120120Rochester Institute of Technology
97Trigonometers120120Rochester Institute of Technology
98Team Playaz120120Rochester Institute of Technology
99Chowmander120120University of Michigan
100Pirates get more booty120120Georgia Institute of Technology
101A maze amazes a maize and blue120120University of Michigan
102Whole Grain Goldfish110110Carnegie Mellon University
103Slushy110110Carnegie Mellon University
104The Honey Badgers110110Rochester Institute of Technology
105288 Bro Bros110110Rochester Institute of Technology
106Hundred Acre Wood110110Carnegie Mellon University
107Yamada Inc.110110Cornell
109HCII100100Carnegie Mellon University
110Barbara Walters's Babies100100Georgia Institute of Technology
112Pepperoni Mushroom100100University of Michigan
113Team Venture 100100Rochester Institute of Technology
114aCleverName100100Rochester Institute of Technology
115Winners100100Carnegie Mellon University
116MCStone100100Carnegie Mellon University
118Team Sexy100100Georgia Institute of Technology
119Katie and the Asians100100Georgia Institute of Technology
121team jigglypuff9090Georgia Institute of Technology
122Jihei Mode9090Rochester Institute of Technology
123Team Sam9090Georgia Institute of Technology
125Can We Use Matlab9090Rochester Institute of Technology
126UM Best Team Evar9090University of Michigan
127SSE - Tallyhawk9090Rochester Institute of Technology
128Me Gusta Names8080Rochester Institute of Technology
129JPAK8080Rochester Institute of Technology
130Mrs. Hefty7070Cornell
131Purple Penguins7070Rochester Institute of Technology
132Puzzle King7070Cornell
133Team Name7070Cornell
134SOPA Paapa6060Georgia Institute of Technology
1357 Car Pile-up6060Rochester Institute of Technology
136Xbox7206060University of Washington
137T-Spin6060Georgia Institute of Technology
139Ramblin' Hackers5050Georgia Institute of Technology
140Puzzle5050University of Michigan
141Dolphins Attack 4EVER4040Carnegie Mellon University
142TroubleSort4040Georgia Institute of Technology
145TheBoredFuture1010Georgia Institute of Technology
146LivE EviL000Stanford
147PacMen000University of Michigan
148Test Team000Carnegie Mellon University

Puzzle solve counts

Wave Puzzle Solves
Pre EventPainted Dots145
Pre EventState of Mind144
Pre EventIt's Silent in Space144
Wave 1Beverage Menu137
Wave 1Mostly Harmless137
Wave 2Hello Ground131
Wave 1Don't Panic!120
Wave 2Sweet Stuff118
Wave 1Three Part Act113
Wave 1Record Books102
Wave 1Prolonging the Evening88
Wave 1Cows in Space78
Wave 1I'm Hungry77
Wave 2Fortune Teller77
Wave 1The Hot Pot at the End of the Universe71
Wave 2What Do You Get When You69
Wave 1I Can Go Anywhere56
Wave 2Ameglian45
Wave 1Two27
Wave 1Carambola23
Wave 2Cash Money21
Wave 2Fork and Knife17
Wave 1Eat In Or Take Away14
Wave 1Logolist's Appetizer13
Wave 2The Honeycomb7

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