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1Pseudodeterministic Generators49412Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2but he also attacc49412Carnegie Mellon University
3Black Fedora Group49412University of California at Berkeley
4he protecc49412Carnegie Mellon University
5Not So Great Ideas49412Massachusetts Institute of Technology
6whiTE MAgic49412Massachusetts Institute of Technology
7Pleasant Mother Pheasant Pluckers49412Massachusetts Institute of Technology
8!!! OWARANAI MAGIC HOUR !!!49412University of Maryland
9Hot Stack of Ingredients49412Brown University
10smells like team spirit49412Harvey Mudd College
11Our last ditch effort is to just sleep in49412Massachusetts Institute of Technology
12-- EL GOUGER --48402Carnegie Mellon University
13Macrohard47392Harvard University
14Cardinality46382Stanford University
15illegal hardware instruction45372Harvey Mudd College
16whoooooshpi45372Massachusetts Institute of Technology
17Random Crits44362University of Maryland
18floor pi 542342Massachusetts Institute of Technology
19Chudooders42381University of Texas at Austin
20G-NOMES42381University of Washington
21Brunonian Brain Nouns40361Brown University
22Chicken and ROFLs40361Stanford University
23::::40361Massachusetts Institute of Technology
24Nuuro39351Stanford University
25Sake Barring The Teapot38341University of California at Berkeley
26Team Snacks37331Olin College
27The Puzzlers of Catan Legacy: Season 237331University of Illinois
28Psyduck35350University of California at Berkeley
29Squark35350University of Michigan
30Yueri35350Stanford University
31Steganograsaurus34340University of Illinois
32The Team That Makes The Tapes34301Carnegie Mellon University
33Uncomputables34340Georgia Institute of Technology
34BUGCAT!34340Cornell University
35Cold Gardeners33330Stanford University
36rainbowdashers33330University of California at Berkeley
37Low Profile33330University of Illinois
38Steve Eats Bunnies33330Cornell University
39Conduction Band33330University of California at Berkeley
40Waffles33330University of Michigan
41:D33330Massachusetts Institute of Technology
42GoldSulfurTitaniumNitrogen33330University of Texas at Austin
43IjopuX gon' give it to ya33330Georgia Institute of Technology
44Continue Solving Dilemmas33330Carnegie Mellon University
45Geiger woke Shuva33330University of Washington
46room 12633330California Institute of Technology
47Air Hogs33330Cornell University
48Zesty Nathan32320Massachusetts Institute of Technology
49Heavy Fermion32320University of Illinois
50Hex Code32320Carnegie Mellon University
51I am Groot Beer32320Rochester Institute of Technology
52Gamer's Guild32320Georgia Institute of Technology
53Conundrum32320University of Michigan
54The Elrod Snidelys32320Brown University
55Hamiltonians32320University of Washington
56no ninth period32320University of Maryland
57Dawn of the Rise of the Return of the Planet of the Dank Dongers 2: Electric Boogaloo32320University of California at Berkeley
58Duck Gizzards32320University of Maryland
59Strokes-Characters-Words-Sentences32320Carnegie Mellon University
60Trivial Group32320University of California at Berkeley
61perhaps 2 years of experience31310Cornell University
62Elbow room31310University of Michigan
63PhDs in Puzzleology31310University of Illinois
64Ronald Reagan Memorial Coffee Machine31310University of Illinois
65Mario Odyssey and Chill31310University of Southern California
66Abusement Park31310Georgia Institute of Technology
67Brick City Solvers31310Rochester Institute of Technology
68Sexy Space Cowboys and Jerry31310Cornell University
69Overcooked31310Cornell University
70ADV1831310California Institute of Technology
71DONGDONGDONG31310University of Michigan
72Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo31310Stanford University
73MCSquareD31310Cornell University
74Tree Monkeys30300Stanford University
75nullptr30300University of California at Los Angeles
76Litty Pitty Vatican City30300California Institute of Technology
77schatz in the morning30300Carnegie Mellon University
78Heavy Rain30300University of Washington
79Fresh men30300University of Southern California
80boba pie30300Massachusetts Institute of Technology
81BURBLIEST DOOR30300Carnegie Mellon University
82TrivediCorp30300Stanford University
83What's a Puzzle29290Carnegie Mellon University
84Your advertisement here29290Harvard University
85PSharp Puzzlers29290Carnegie Mellon University
86DMG's Friends29290University of Michigan
87Lomo Lovers29290Stanford University
88Quinoa 2.029290Rochester Institute of Technology
89Actually toasters toast bread29290Cornell University
90JasonBourne29290University of California at Berkeley
91Joobity Bloopily29290Cornell University
92Null29290Georgia Institute of Technology
93hashtag29290Massachusetts Institute of Technology
94ctown4lyfe29290University of Michigan
95Lil Blue's Clues29290California Institute of Technology
96Jumping Jalapenos29290Georgia Institute of Technology
97By dingbat!29290Cornell University
98unordered cartographers29290University of Texas at Austin
99Who's Jim29290Stanford University
100EATS NUTS28280Carnegie Mellon University
101Fighting Foos28280University of Washington
102Triscuit Biscuit Brisket and Zelia28280University of California at Berkeley
103I have assembled all five special cards...all five pieces of the puzzle!!!28280University of Michigan
104TingleSensationPerforma28280Cornell University
105How to Design Puzzles 2e28280Northeastern University
106Elite Four28280University of Texas at Austin
107blood pact28280University of California at Berkeley
108New Haven Community College28280Harvard University
109Panda Express28280University of Michigan
110Navier and the Stokes28280Georgia Institute of Technology
111Aperture Science28280University of California at Berkeley
112'j28280California Institute of Technology
113Egregiously Inefficient28280University of Michigan
114Goon Squad28280Cornell University
115Laboratory of Puzzle Studies28280Cornell University
116Euler's Secret Admirers28280University of Washington
117Team Tanay27270Rochester Institute of Technology
118' OR '1' is '127270University of California at Berkeley
119Lilac Aurora Troupe27270University of California at Berkeley
120buzz buzz27270University of Michigan
121Four Tsar27270Rochester Institute of Technology
122Random Mains27270Carnegie Mellon University
123Cal27270University of California at Berkeley
124edamame shinigami27270Cornell University
125really makes you think huh27270University of Texas at Austin
126mathcal27270University of California at Berkeley
127B A S A L G A N G27270University of California at Berkeley
128Yolo Squad27270Georgia Institute of Technology
129Last Place27270Georgia Institute of Technology
130Artificial Intelligentsia26260University of California at Berkeley
131tsunami flowerpot26260University of California at Berkeley
132Outliers26260University of California at Berkeley
133puZZled26260Stanford University
134Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon26260University of Texas at Austin
135Mr. Blue Sky26260University of California at Berkeley
136Jamboree26260University of Washington
137Tho 'n Co26260Georgia Institute of Technology
138Brown Bears and Pooh26260University of California at Berkeley
139BBQ Sauce On Our Teddies26260Cornell University
140Throwback Thursday26260University of Maryland
141Chicken Strip25250Northeastern University
142Workbears25250University of California at Berkeley
143bbt25250Cornell University
144AlChemE25250University of Texas at Austin
145we are number one but it's windows xp25250University of Maryland
146Godammit Marcel You Ruined Everything Yet Again25250Carnegie Mellon University
147big ballers 2: ball harder25250University of California at Los Angeles
148Tactile Actuation Force25250University of Southern California
149Something Formidable25250University of California at Berkeley
150Best Office25250University of Michigan
151JOS25250University of Michigan
152Linear algebra is easy: change my mind25250University of California at Berkeley
153GAZUA25250Stanford University
154Dunk and the Donuts25250Georgia Institute of Technology
155Fluffy25250University of Washington
156Team Rip25250Stanford University
157Broken Slippers25250Carnegie Mellon University
158team red25250University of Texas at Austin
159Doug DimmaDaddies24240Georgia Institute of Technology
160Easily Computables24240Georgia Institute of Technology
161Chaotic 324240University of Southern California
162senior24240Massachusetts Institute of Technology
163fab424240University of Michigan
164The Puzzle Outlaws24240Stanford University
165ChinEx24240University of California at Berkeley
166team blue24240University of Texas at Austin
167Every Kiss Begins With Que...So24240University of Texas at Austin
168Mimsy Borogoves24240University of Illinois
169Buzzkill24240Georgia Institute of Technology
170hcrg24240Rochester Institute of Technology
171Trivially24240Cornell University
172For x in range 7: print 'gucci gang'24240University of Texas at Austin
173RITz Crackers24240Rochester Institute of Technology
174beautiful and dangerous24240University of Washington
175The Velocityraptors24240University of Illinois
176Cocoa Pebbles23230Georgia Institute of Technology
177GT Buns23230Georgia Institute of Technology
178TRIGG3R3D23230University of California at Berkeley
179test team please ignore23230University of Washington
180Jarman23230Georgia Institute of Technology
181Emperor Bumoi23230Carnegie Mellon University
182Beaver and the Bears23230Massachusetts Institute of Technology
183Mamba Mania23230California Institute of Technology
184Goodbye Jeff23230University of California at Los Angeles
185WATERMELON23230Carnegie Mellon University
186ChickenAndWaffles23230University of Maryland
187University of Minnesota Twin Cities Department of Mathematics23230Cornell University
18840423230Georgia Institute of Technology
189hibachi-chan23230University of Michigan
190Drem Tem Turtle Crem23230Cornell University
191OCTO22220University of California at Berkeley
192Happy Family22220California Institute of Technology
193Jabberblocky Funky Dunky Puzzletown Express22220Harvard University
194The Motto22220Rochester Institute of Technology
195Late Night Cravers22220University of Michigan
196OG Ruddock22220California Institute of Technology
197do not toot it! TOOT! Fool! Doctor Doom toots as he pleases!22220University of Maryland
198Mouse Rat22220University of Washington
199Now You See Me22220University of Michigan
200Couple Noodles22220University of Washington
201HyperCubed22220Georgia Institute of Technology
202Now You Solve Me 222220Georgia Institute of Technology
203X22220Stanford University
204BTW WE'RE PLME21210Brown University
205Puzzowls21210Carnegie Mellon University
206Space Pirated21210University of Maryland
207youtu.be7G4RYtP5RQQ21210University of California at Berkeley
208CJJJ21210Cornell University
209And Per Se And21210University of Maryland
210iGOATs21210University of Washington
211-No Selection-21210University of Illinois
212gig em21210University of Texas at Austin
213if homeboy comes thru with these... it's quiet. but if he comes thru in like these... homeboy's gonna like... get it21210University of Texas at Austin
214Sleepless Knights21210Georgia Institute of Technology
215Incepturion4255521210Carnegie Mellon University
216Presence21210University of Illinois
217Perovskite Pals21210Stanford University
218sudo submit21210University of Michigan
219Guess and guess and guess and give up20200Carnegie Mellon University
220Full Frontal Nerdity20200Georgia Institute of Technology
221wii music but every note is a puzzle20200University of Maryland
222Group20200Carnegie Mellon University
223Hockey Pie20200University of California at Los Angeles
224Every villain is Lemons20200University of Washington
225HowOldAreYou20200University of Michigan
226Good Meme20200University of Illinois
227The Panda Bears20200University of California at Berkeley
228Windows Vista19190Northeastern University
229monkaS19190University of Michigan
230J.I.C.S19190University of Michigan
231Buzz LitYear19190Georgia Institute of Technology
232we dem bois19190University of Washington
233Famous Amos Cookies19190University of Texas at Austin
234Nine Two18180University of Maryland
235Connor and the Space Invaders18180University of Michigan
236Late Registration18180Rochester Institute of Technology
237Long Dogs18180University of Maryland
238Hire me plz18180University of California at Berkeley
239MissingNo.18180Northeastern University
240Egg Reacts Only18180University of Texas at Austin
241Emphasized Bedtime18180Georgia Institute of Technology
242We're doing this high17170Rochester Institute of Technology
243mcgb17170University of Michigan
244Team Not Try Hard17170Rochester Institute of Technology
245Insert Team Name Here17170University of Maryland
246Diverging Approach17170University of Illinois
247Juices Flowing17170University of Maryland
248Puzzle017170University of Illinois
249Kamkwamba is our lord and savior16160University of Michigan
250MAC N CHEESE16160Cornell University
251Red Velvet16160Georgia Institute of Technology
252pineapple belongs on pizza16160Cornell University
253Sandomeno Shojiki16160University of Washington
254BOIZ16160Cornell University
255Wolverine Analytica16160University of Michigan
256CPC15150University of Michigan
257A STD15150University of Maryland
258VERONA15150Cornell University
259Boundless Students15150University of Washington
260the simple ones15150Rochester Institute of Technology
261Force of Interest15150Boston University
262Take a Stab at it!15150Georgia Institute of Technology
2633abqarino15150University of Illinois
264A Special One15150Rochester Institute of Technology
265torque final try14140University of Texas at Austin
266watches anime once14140Massachusetts Institute of Technology
267The Asian Tacos14140Rochester Institute of Technology
268Divine Comedy14140University of Washington
269Mamat Nil14140University of Maryland
270Thothmes14140University of Washington
271Naive Baes14140Georgia Institute of Technology
272Binary Trees: Red Black Edition13130Stanford University
273Sweep13130University of Texas at Austin
274Whereisit12120Cornell University
275Puzzle Gang12120University of Michigan
2761337DANK12120University of Maryland
277Fright Farm12120Carnegie Mellon University
278Primetime12120University of Illinois
279Shining Deadly Literary Blast12120Georgia Institute of Technology
280P on Our Semaphore12120Cornell University
281Oof11110Rochester Institute of Technology
282Ball Out11110Cornell University
283Something11110Rochester Institute of Technology
284Jackets11110Georgia Institute of Technology
285ASCII10100Rochester Institute of Technology
286Schlimpy Boys10100University of Maryland
287KFC10100Massachusetts Institute of Technology
288forkBomb990University of Maryland
289BIU990Rochester Institute of Technology
290Aryabhatta990Georgia Institute of Technology
291UMDterps880University of Maryland
292No Shit Sherlock880University of Michigan
293dua lipa's new rules880University of Michigan
294umuccs770University of Maryland
295Marauders770Carnegie Mellon University
296ABC660Carnegie Mellon University
297Don't care440Carnegie Mellon University
298the winners330Carnegie Mellon University
299Tester McTesterson III000Olin College

Puzzle solve counts

Wave Puzzle Solves
Pre Event WaveReady, Player Bunny?297
Wave 1Breaking the Logician's Code295
Pre Event WaveFire Magic295
Pre Event WaveWood Magic294
Pre Event WaveUniversal Magic292
Pre Event WaveMetal Magic292
Pre Event WaveWater Magic292
Pre Event WaveEarth Magic292
Wave 2Summoning Ring286
Wave 1Silent Transfiguration Magic277
Wave 3Grounds Sweeper274
Wave 1Building Districts271
Wave 1Knowledge Is268
Wave 2Enchantment Under the Sea262
Wave 3Magic Words261
Wave 1Bubble, Bubble225
Wave 3Quas Wex Exort215
Wave 1Flash Cards212
Wave 2Mystical Transformations207
Wave 3Lost Legacies206
Wave 2F in Mythology193
Wave 3Like Magic188
Wave 1Leylines180
Wave 2Wand Movements178
Wave 2Barrier Crystals160
Wave 2Magica Squares156
Wave 1Sorcerer's Tone143
Wave 2Arcane Cards124
Wave 3Forest Flora113
Wave 2Magic Alley91
Wave 2Flower Bouquet90
Wave 3Wizard's Path74
Wave 1Adventure! ____67
Wave 3Magic Show58
Wave 2Curses!46
Wave 1Magic Carpet41
Wave 3Bubble Trouble40
Wave 3Artifact Collection31
Wave 3Alchemy28
Wave 2Which Spells?26
Wave 3Other Spells!20

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